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Gold Building

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Gold BuildingGold Building

This building is the renovated former offices of Taiwan Metal Mining Corp. The first floor has a gold discovery journey, a model of the Benshan tunnels,  mining equipment from the past and related relics. There is also an introduction to Jinguashi’s World War II Allied P.O.W. camp (1942-1945). The second floor is gold-themed and has an introduction of the special features and application of gold, and Gold brick that visitors can actually touch. In addition, visitors also can have a gold panning experience on the third floor. The gift shop at the side of the Gold Building sells Gold Museum souvenirs and is a good place to browse and buy a souvenir.

In addition, Geological Park, Jinguashi Shinto Shrine, Teapot Mountain, Taiwan P. O. W. Memorial Park, Gold Waterfall, Shuinandong Smelter, mining irrigation channel and Aqueduct Bridge are all scenic spots close to the Gold Museum that should not be missed by visitors.