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Metal Art Building

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Metal Art BuildingMetal Art Building

According to the memories of the local elderly people, the predecessor of the Metal Art Building was the "No. 55, Jinguang Road" which was built around 1974. It was the club and the restaurant of the Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation. Later, the 1st floor was converted into a restaurant while half of the 2nd floor was used as a library. It provided leisure and gourmet food for the residents of Jinguashi at that time.

In the spirit of reusing old buildings, it was renovated in 2009 and became a space for permanent exhibitions. It was named “Environmental Building” and has showcased the cultural environment and natural ecology of Jinguashi.

In 2018, the Environmental Building had been altered to “Metal Art Building” in response to the Museum’s mission of continuously promoting Taiwan’s metal art. After revisions and updates, the original contents displayed in the Environmental Building had been incorporated into the permanent exhibition plan of Gold Building in 2019.

The exhibits of the Metal Art Building include the Museum’s classical collection of traditional gold ornaments and metal craft pieces, basic knowledge on metal crafts, and a profile of Taiwanese metal artists. Through the new presentation of exhibits, with the aid of digital technology and interactive multimedia displays, the public will be able to learn more about the aesthetics and creativity of Taiwan's metal art.