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Are there any barrier-free facilities in the park?

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Are there any barrier-free facilities planned in the park?

Restricted by the hillside topography, we cannot provide a complete barrier-free space, so please forgive us for any inconvenience caused. At present, the following barrier-free access routes are planned in the park:

  1. From the Tourist Information Center at the entrance of the Park, you can go to the Administration Office, where there is a lift to the front courtyard of the Crown Prince's Chalet.
  2.  If you want to visit the Gold Building, please return to the Tourist Information Center, drive or take a taxi to the Cyuanji Temple and enter the park through the Cyuanji Bridge entrance to reach the Gold Building. If you need assistance, please contact the Museum in advance to facilitate your visit from restricted by the sloping terrain. We apologize for any inconvenience.