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Group Reservation Tour

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Reserved Tour of the Park

Weekdays: 9:30

Weekends and Holidays: 9:30 14:45

Please note that if you are late, the tour time will be shortened as a result.
Gold Panning Experience


Weekends and Holidays 10:3011:3013:3014:30

Booked groups are required to check-in and purchase tickets 15 minutes before the start of the venue, or the reservation will be cancelled.
For a group tour, please make reservation by phone during office hours (09:30-16:00) from Monday to Friday, 7 days before the event. 
Group reservation hotline:02-24962860
Other Notes: 
1.  Please do not bring pets or dangerous items into the premises inside the park.
2.  No food or drink is allowed inside the buildings except for the café and diners.
3.  Smoking is not allowed in the whole park.
4.  Except for some special exhibition spaces where photography is prohibited, all other areas of the park are open for photography, but flashlights are not allowed.
5. Group size must be at least 20 people, and reservations must be made by phone calls during office hours from Monday to Friday, 45 to 7 days prior to the event. Due to the limited number of seats, priority will be given to those who book first. Interested parties are welcome to register in advance.