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The Good Earth

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The Good Earth takes its name from Gaia, the mother of the earth, as a metaphor for the richness of mining resources. The theme of the permanent exhibition is "Mining in Perspective," which highlights the depth of the unique landscape created by the special geology and topography which has formed the Jinguashi mine, the interaction between the ecology of the shallow mountains on the North Coast and the culture of the mining industry. And then, from the multi-faceted narratives of macroscopic and microscopic viewpoints, the close relationship between the mining environment and human beings has been demonstrated.


The new exhibition "Mines in Perspective" displayed in the Good Earth is divided into three exhibition areas: On the 1st floor is a hall with the modeling imagery of ores ; the 2nd floor is built with a 5G technology experience space, providing four sets of VR headsets for tourists to experience a virtual adventure "Deep into the Tunnels"; at the same time, a 10-meter-long interactive projection wall is set, so that tourists can play the "The Times of Gleaning Gold" interactive game on their cell phones. On the 3rd floor, a total of 30 exhibits of ores and specimens of ferns are displayed, presenting the complex network of geology and geography of Jinguashi mine, as well as the close relationship between human and nature from both macroscopic and microscopic perspectives. The overall exhibition echoes UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and conveys the concept of a sustainable environment.


The Good Earth officially opened on November 4, 2011, and the VR experience on the 2nd floor is limited to the number of participants and sessions, so please register according to the on-site announcement.



VR Experience: "Deep into the Tunnel”

Morning Afternoon Experience Description








1.There are 4 seats for each session; the length of the film is about 10 minutes.


2.On-site registration is open from 09:30 for the morning sessions and from 12:00 for the afternoon sessions, upon presentation of admission tickets or certificate of free pass.


3.This experiential activity is recommended for school age and above.


Remarks: The content of experience will be flexibly adjusted according to the on-site situation.