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Origin of the Name (Jinguashi)

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Before the year Showa 8 (1933), Jinguashi was located next to Gengziliao (present-day Jiufen) and the two together were called Jiufen area. Later, when the gold mining industry in Jinguashi began to develop, a densely populated settlement gradually formed. At that time, one of the rocky peaks on the surrounding mountains resembled a golden gourd, so the name of this area was changed to "Jinguashi”(Golden Gourd Rock)" by order of the Japanese Governor's Office, and "Jiufen" was only used to refer to the area which was formerly known as "Gengziliao". According to the local elders, the outcropping part of the mountain resembled a large pumpkin, which is known as a "Golden Gourd" in the dialect, thus giving rise to the name " Jinguashi (Golden Gourd Rock)".