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Benshan No.5 Tunnel

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Benshan No.5 TunnelBenshan No.5 Tunnel

When coming to the Gold Museum, don't miss this highlight: the mysterious world inside the mining tunnels. In order to give visitors a glimpse into the miners’ life in the dark tunnels, the museum has excavated a new tunnel of 110 meters long from inside the old Benshan No.5 Tunnel, and custom-made wax figures to simulate the working conditions in old days. The new and old tunnels, which are about 180 meters long in total, have been designed as the “Tunnel Experience Area”, and vivid and realistic models have been set up along the walkway to present the mining process. Together with sound and light effects, visitors could have an interesting and profound experience.


In addition to providing visitors with a glimpse of the mining tunnels, the first stage of the experiential activity is also in accordance with the procedure of entering the tunnel in old times. First, a safety briefing is given in the preparation room, and then a tour is conducted inside, allowing visitors to gain deeper understanding and knowledge of miners’ work.