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Gold Building

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The Gold Museum is the former mining office of the Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation, which has been renovated and reused as an exhibition hall. The exhibitions in the museum are presented in the form of permanent exhibitions and are divided into two major areas on the 1st and 2nd floors. The theme of the exhibition on the 1st floor is " Mountain Town Glimmers in Gold", which combines historical documents, old photos, models of mining tunnels, etc., and is accompanied by interactive displays to give visitors a glimpse of the humanistic and historical development of the mining industry over the past hundred years.


Besides the super popular Big Gold Brick, the exhibition on the second floor also features the "Treasures from the Land" theme. In addition to the Museum's collection, we would like to thank the six lenders for their generosity in loaning valuable items to the Museum to enrich the exhibition, so that a total of about 140 greatly varied mineral ores are on display. This exhibition will detail the differences between the gold produced in Jinguashi and the gold produced in Jiufen in the geological surveys in the past century, and introduce other characteristic minerals that coexist with gold in the gold veins, as well as the process of generating the gold veins on Taiwan Island.

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