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Admission and Opening Hours

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Opening hours:09:30~17:00 on Monday through Friday; 09:30~18:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

Closed:On the 1st Monday of each month (when it falls on a national holiday, the Museum will be closed on the next day), Chinese New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Day, and natural disaster closure days announced by the government. Other necessary closed days will be announced separately.

Ticketing method:Cash/ EasyCard/ Alipay/ Europay

Online ticketing:Taipei Fun Pass



Entrance Ticket

NT$80/person (except for experience activities). Admission is free for those who have one of the following identities and present sufficient identification documents; special conditions will be announced by the Museum.

Full ticket


Free admission for those with one of the following identities and presenting relevant documents for identification

1)Citizens of New Taipei City

2)Senior citizens over 65 years of age (only for those who are nationals of this country)

3 Children under the age of 12

4)Students of domestic schools at all levels

5)Physically and mentally challenged persons and their accompanying persons

6)Indigenous people over 55 years of age

7)Holders of low-income household certificates

8)Volunteers with volunteer service honor cards

9)Members of the Chinese Association of Museums

Note on ticket purchase:

(1) Free admission is only available to those who present relevant documents for inspection.

(2) Within the period of use, tickets that have not been cut off may be refunded at any ticket booth without any handling fee. If the ticket is purchased with an EasyCard, a cash refund will be issued. The refund time for same-day tickets is 30 minutes before the museum closes.

(3) If a museum ticket cannot be identified due to loss, damage, or other factors, no replacement, exchange, or refund will be issued.

(4)Tickets are valid for the day of admission only. No refunds will be issued after the date of admission or after a ticket is cut off and used.


Note for visitors

Inside the Museum:

(1) Please do not smoke, eat, drink, chew gum or betel nut.

(2) Please do not bring pets into the building.

(3) Please do not use flashing lights or tripods.(unless otherwise specified in the special exhibitions.)

(4) Please do not use mobile phones loudly.

(5) Please do not laugh loudly or chase around.

(6) Please use umbrella covers. (folding umbrellas should be stored in personal bags)

Outdoor space:

(1) Please do not carry any dangerous (prohibited) goods.

(2) Please do not smoke, litter, urinate or defecate anywhere.

(3) Please do not barbecue or set off fireworks or firecrackers.

(4) Please do not pick or collect plants or fruits from the park.

(5) Please do not set up stalls.(offenders will be banned by law)


For ticketing, visiting and consumer disputes, please contact:

Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government 02-24962800