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Learning Center

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Learning CenterLearning Center

During the period of Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation (1955-1987), the site of the Learning Center was a two-story reinforced concrete dormitory that housed eight families of the staff. This “new dormitory” was built after Typhoon Gloria struck northern Taiwan in September 1963 which caused serious damage to the old dormitory. In 2015, in order to revitalize this idle and empty dormitory, Taiwan Sugar Corporation had temporarily leased it to a private business for commercial use. In 2020, after the Gold Museum leased the building from Taiwan Sugar Corporation, it was refurbished for use as the "Learning Center".


Located between the museum and the village, the Center has a collection room, a mining research library, and an audio-visual zone on the 1st floor, and a large and small seminar room on the second floor. As a space for collecting historical artifacts of the Shujinjiu mining industry and promoting mining research, the Museum is open to the public. It is hoped that through learning together on site and sharing knowledge, Jinguashi’s stories of the ages can be passed on to the next generation.