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Introduction to the Environment

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Jinguashi is located at the northeastern corner of Taiwan, with the Keelung Volcanic Group as its main topography. Sitting on the northern coast of Taiwan, facing the ocean, this area is characterized by overlapping mountains and winding and changeful coastline. There are small streams flowing through the area, forming the valley landscape. The terrain is mostly hilly with an elevation of 200 to 300 meters while the Keelung Mountain is 588 meters high, which is an indicator for ships traveling by the surrounding sea.


Facing the sea and backed by mountains, Jinguashi had its prime time for gold production. Mining tunnels deep underground and even under the bottom of the sea, and huge factories built along the mountains, have created a really spectacular landscape. There are hiking trails, minecart tracks, and sightseeing trails to different directions, with pavilions, stone tables and chairs and other resting facilities along the trails, making it convenient for tourists to climb up and look around.


The topography of Jinguashi is in the shape of a pocket, surrounded by mountains on three sides: Teapot Mountain and Banping Mountain on the east, Keelung Mountain on the northwest, and Ben Mountain on the south. The Inner and Outer Jiufen Creeks converge here and flow northward into the Yin-yang Sea. Due to the steep slope of the creeks and the short and rapid watersheds, the creeks do not have a good water storage capacity. During the gold-mining period, most of the creeks were utilized for selective washing of ore, but nowadays they are mostly utilized to drain the water and to discharge the water during heavy rainfalls. The green mountains and the blue sea together create a unique and beautiful scenery. In different seasons and climates, the natural landscape displays a variety of flavors. Combined with the unique geological features, every corner of Jinguaishi is intriguing and unforgettable.


Influenced by the northeastern monsoon, the rainy season is long and abundant. Located in the hilly northeastern corner of Taiwan, Jinguashi is part of Ruifang District in New Taipei City. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with one side facing the sea. Keelung Mountain is located on the west side, which is the boundary of Jinguashi and Jiufen, while Shuinandong is on the north, facing the East China Sea, with a view of Keelung Island in the sea.


The gold miners left countless stories in this mountain town during the golden years, and nowadays you can always find traces of history in the streets and lanes. This mountain town has preserved a piece of its own world and has demonstrated its unique beauty.
Located in the northeastern Taiwan, the silent Keelung Volcanic Complex rises up from the sea, and this beautiful mountain town is surrounded by magnificent mountains and azure sea.
Around a hundred years ago, gold prospectors came here and settled down, which brought the originally silent Jinguashi and Jiufen to life, and then settlements appeared here.