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Gold Refining Building

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Gold Refining BuildingGold Refining Building

During the Japanese occupation period, the Gold Refining Building used to be a place for storing gold and was once the location of the “Jinguashi Hotel.” After World War II, it also served as a temporary gold refining factory for the Taiwan Metal Mining Co. during its start-up period. The factory was later moved to Shuinandong and the Refining Building was converted to other purpose.

The Gold Refining Building is a two-story brick building. The right side of the building’s main entrance on the first floor used to be the office of the welfare agency during the time of the Taiwan Metal Mining Co.. It managed the stadiums, cinemas, supply houses, libraries, restaurants, barber shop and other welfare facilities. Later, it became the temporary office of the Land Bank Keelung Branch. The cashier department of the Taiwan Metal Mining Co. was also transferred here and released the salaries of the mining employees. The left side of the first floor was the union office of the Taiwan Metal Mining Co. as well as the second floor served as the party security office of the Kuomintang Party.

Since the building was once used to store gold and was used as a gold refinery, it was named the “Gold Refining Building” after the Gold Museum opened. The outer wall of the second floor of the Building has a decorative text of GC, the meaning of which remains unknown. Some people speculate that it was the abbreviation for Gold and Copper. The 13 groove tiles on the facade looked particularly special and unique in the Jinguashi settlement surrounded by wooden dorms.

On the right side of the Gold Refining Building’s first floor is a small special exhibition hall which promotes non-scheduled special thematic exhibition. A theater is located on the left side of the first floor and broadcasts Kin-San’s Life in a Mountain Town. The film introduces the mining in the early times and the lives of the people who have settled in the Shuijinjiu Mine. The heritage site on gold refinery housed inside the Gold Refining Theater is a testament to the passage of time. The second floor is a permanent exhibit, which through a multimedia interactive experience, allows people to enjoy the Joy of River Gold Mining. The topmost floor is a scenic platform, where people can enjoy the surrounding Keelung Mountain, Teapot Mountain, Benshan and the settlements of Jinguashi. However, due to safety reasons, the topmost floor is not yet open to the public.