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Privacy and Safety Policy

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Thank you for visiting Gold Museum, New Taipei City Government website (hereinafter “the Website”). To ensure you a pleasant experience browsing this Website and using its related services, New Taipei City Government – Cultural Affairs Department (hereinafter “the Department”) would like to explain to you this Website’s privacy and safety policy, as follows:




1.Effect of This Policy


The following policy is applicable to the collection, use, and protection of your personal information while you browse this Website, but it is not applicable to other government or third party websites linked to this Website.Each linked website has its own privacy and safety policy.When using these linked websites, the protection of your personal information falls under each of their respective privacy and safety policies.




2.The Collection and Use of Personal Information




1)The Website will not collect any information related to the user’s identity regarding the browsing and downloading of files from this Website. 




2)When using the various application services provided on this Website, the organizers of these applications will, when necessary, ask you to provide your newest and most accurate personal information, such as name, identity number, contact number, email address, address, and etc. When you provide your feedback or pose other business-related issues via email or the Website’s service mailbox, the Department will record your communication log, but only for the purpose of contacting you in the future.




3)The Website’s web server will record the user’s internet activities, such as the user’s IP address, Website’s access time, and the web pages which the user has visited, and will use this information to perform its traffic and network behavior analysis in order to further improve the quality of its services. This analysis is aimed at all of the users as a whole and not at individual users.




4) The Department has the obligation to protect each applicant’s privacy, and thus will not edit or delete any of your personal information and files without your consent. Exceptions to these statements are made under the following circumstances:




    a. When the Website’s regulations have been violated or when inappropriate information has been provided.


    b. When protecting or defending the rights or ownership of a user.


    c. When protecting the rights and interests of the divisions of this Website.




5)The Department will not provide, sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal information to third parties, individuals, or private companies. The following, however, are exceptions:




    a.Coordinating with the legal investigations of the judicial divisions.


    b.Coordinating with the needs of authoritative institutions for their investigation and use.


    c.For the requirements of legal cases or for the maintenance or improvement of the Website’s services.




3.Information Safety and Protection


1) Any attempt to obstruct this Website’s services is strictly prohibited and will face legal charges.


2) For the safety of this Website and the consistency of its services, this Department and New Taipei City Government Information Management Center will do their best to take the following safety measures:




a. Utilize an intrusion detection system to block any individual who tries to sabotage this Website.


b. Set up firewalls to prevent the inappropriate use of this Website’s services and to guarantee the user’s rights.


c. Install anti-viruses to provide the user a safe internet-browsing environment.


d. Periodically perform simulated system restores to prepare for possible future safety-concerned incidents.


e. Perform daily data back-ups to another safe place.


f. Download software patches and updates from time to time to prevent inappropriate exploits and to ensure the safety of this Website.




3)When using the services of this Website, any information saved to this Website will be protected with the upmost care, so as to ensure the safety of your personal information.




4.Safety Measures You Can Take to Protect Your Information




Please properly manage and store any of your personal information and do not provide your personal information to any third party, so as to ensure your rights and interests. As a reminder, you have voluntarily revealed your personal information on this Website (i.e. requesting this Department to publish upcoming events), and thus, you might receive emails from third parties, who have collected and use your personal information. 




5.Questions Regarding the Privacy and Security Policy




If you have any questions regarding the privacy and security policy of this Department, please do not hesitate to contact the Department.