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Local Artists

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Yu, Zhen-Ming (1954~)

Mr. Yu is a native of Jinguashi. Moving to Sanxia after the mining industry ended, he continues his memories and connection to his beloved hometown through ink paintings. 

Wu, Yung-Chin(1949~)

Mr. Wu was born in Kaohsiung. His oil paintings present many beautiful scenes of Shui-jin-jiu area in different seasons.


Born in Kaohsiung, Mr. Qiu is one of the artists who early settle in Jiufen. He is a pioneer in painting by asphalt. His works are quiet, humorous, and meaningful. 

Hong, Zhi-Sheng(1962~)

Born in Changhua, Mr. Hong’s specialty is oil painting and ceramic arts. He has settled in mining town since 1991. His works show his love of Jiufen. 

Hu, Dar-Far(1938~)

Mr. Hu was born and grew up in Jiufen. He has started creating nail paintings since 1995. He replaces brush with hammers, paints with discarded iron and aluminum cans. His works show the scenes of Jiufen from past to present time. 

Kuo, Chang-Tsung(1944~)

Mr. Kuo was born in Taoyuan. In order to present distinctive contents, he had lived in Jiufen for a long time, creating paintings that show the local culture and customs. 

Chen, Po-Wen(1943-2005)

Mr. Chen is one of the representative artists who strived to record the culture, customes, etc. in Shui-jin-jiu during 1990s. His works present the mountain, sea, alleys and residents of Shui-jin-jiu area.

Pan, Huang(1935~)

Born in Taipei, Mr. Pan moved to Jiufen because of his father’s sake. He witnessed the most prosperous days of Shui-jin-jiu, and moved back to Taipei when the mining industry gradually declined. His works are mainly oil paintings.

Jiang Rui-Keng(1922-2008)

Born in Ruifang, Mr. Jiang is called a miner painter, using brushes to record the work experience in the mine pit. His paintings are unrestrained, bold, and colorful.

Ho, Chau-Chu(1931~)

Born in Hsinchu, Mr. Ho is good at using bright lines , lump composition and bold colors to record many beautiful scenes of early Shui-jin-jiu area.

Lai, Wu-Hsiung(1942~)

Born in Taipei, Mr. Lai is a talented painter, preserving the original appearance of Shui-jin-jiu.