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Woo Mineral Pigments

Woo Mineral PigmentsWoo Mineral Pigments

Woo Mineral Pigments: Unlocking the Secrets of Mineral Pigments, Let's Become Mineral "Color" Researchers Together

The areas of Jinguashi, Shueinandong, and Jiufen are rich in geological and mineral resources and are historically famous for their abundant gold production. Beyond the economic value of refining precious metals, these minerals have also been utilized in human artistic creation. For instance, in widely recognized art forms such as oil painting or Gouache painting, the pigments used are a type of mineral pigment.

The use of mineral pigments, with its long history, can be traced back to ancient times, evidenced by human cave murals, primitive ethnic body paintings, religious murals, and architectural polychromy from various civilizations. The raw materials for these pigments are derived from different minerals, ground into powder, and then mixed with various binders to form different types of paint. For instance, adding egg yolk creates egg tempera, mixing with linseed oil produces oil painting pigments, and combining with animal gelatine results in gouache or mineral pigments. As history progressed, the refinement and adjustment of mineral pigments have given rise to distinct artistic styles.

This exhibition is set to display 16 sets of mineral specimens and mineral pigments, along with 15 contemporary artworks featuring mineral-based colors. Witness the transformation of minerals into vibrant hues on canvas, bridging the realms of mineral science and art appreciation. Join us as we explore the multifaceted uses and characteristics of minerals, aiming to astonish you with their versatility.

To complement the exhibition, we are pleased to announce the "Mineral Color Explorers" series of educational outreach activities from April to June. Embark on a unique mineralogical journey, led by professional instructors, where participants will have the opportunity to create artworks using mineral pigments or craft their unique mineral colors. For more details about the activities, please visit the official website of the Gold Mine Museum. Limited slots are available, so register early to secure your spot!


Exhibition Period: April 4th, 2024 to March 23rd, 2025

Venue: Special Exhibition Room, 1st Floor, Alchemy Building